Masaki Ogura


May 2021
论文接受发表在 Annual Reviews in ControlarXiv ]
May 2021
论文接受发表在 IEEE Transactions on Wireless CommunicationsDOI | http ]
Mar 2021
正在接受投稿到 Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering. 提交截止日期是2022年3月
Dec 2020
2020年 IEEE CDC COVID-19 焦点会议的小组成员
Jul 2020
Paper on deep learning-based average consensus accepted for publication in IEEE AccessarXiv ].
Jun 2020
Journal of Franklin Institute 期刊 positive systems 特刊的客座编辑.
Apr 2020
论文接受发表在 IEEE Transactions on Network Science and EngineeringDOI ].
Jan 2020
访问香港大学(主办人:James Lam 教授)