Masaki Ogura


Ph.D. student

Chengyan Zhao

  • Research theme: Positive linear systems
  • M.Sc, Northeastern University, China
  • Email: zhao.chengyan.za5 [at]

Master's students

Junpei Tagawa

  • Research theme:Consensus algorithms
  • B.Sc., Osaka University, Japan
  • Email: tagawa.junpei.sy2 [at]
  • Distributed agreement on activity driven networks,” in 2018 American Control Conference (accepted), 2018. [ プレプリント ]

Junichi Harada

  • Research theme: Product development process, epidemic processes over complex networks
  • B.Sc., Osaka University, Japan
  • Email: harada.junichi.hh3 [at]
  • Resource allocation for containing epidemics from temporal network data,” in 23rd International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems (accepted), 2018. [ arXiv ]

Wenjie Mei

  • Research theme: Switched linear systems
  • B.Sc., Southwestern University, China
  • Email: mei.wenjie.mu2 [at]