Masaki Ogura


Latest news

Jul 2018
Visiting the University of Hong Kong
Jul 2018
International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems (MTNS2018)
Jun 2018
American Control Conference (ACC)
Jan 2018
Paper accepted in Systems & Control Letters [arXiv]
Oct 2017
Book chapter published [ DOI | arXiv | http ]
Sep 2017
Member of IFAC Technical Committee on Networked Systems
Aug 2017
Paper accepted in Automatica [arXiv]
May 2017
Seminar at Washington State University
Apr 2017
Paper accepted in Physical Review E [arXiv]
Mar 2017
Joining the Nara Institute of Science and Technology as an Assistant Professor
Sep 2016
Seminar at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Aug 2016
Our paper published in IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering was the most popular article in the journal during May 2016